My Bio

Making things has been a happy and necessary part of my life from a young age.  To borrow a line from Marcus Samuelson, the celebrity chef, I make things with passion and joy. I hope you also find the joy in the juxtaposition of materials, colors, textures and techniques in the products offered.
I have orbited back to a love of stone cutting after a considerable amount of time. There are few rocks that escape consideration for lapidary from beach rocks to semi-precious and exotic materials. It's a wonderful time to dwell in a small world where one can find stones from Lake Superior to Namibia. Part of the excitement is being able to share the results with those seeking one of a kind pieces of jewelry.
Fibers present another strong interest. The socks are custom dyed so present unique items that have a practical side. We are improved by incorporating beautiful things in our lives, and taking pleasure in their presence. A few well loved items can offer the simplicity that seems so elusive. Part of my career involved boat canvas, airline and furniture upholstery.  Hence, in one respect "CanvasWorkz" reflects that time, but also indicates that many materials and media are blank canvasses begging for exploration. I especially enjoy the crossover among materials and techniques that will be evident in my products.
Thank you for visiting my page and, I hope, enjoying some of the things I've made and my ideas.

My Products

100% Wool Socks

Treat your feet to the luxury of 100% wool socks. Animal fibers have a unique characteristic for warmth that isn't available in socks made from wool and blends. The life of wool socks can be extended by wearing them with shoes or slippers to prevent holes that occur from the abrasion or wearing them by themselves.

Stone Jewelry

Consider a bold look to your jewelry. Stones project an image of strength and a connection to the earth. It is a fun adventure to model the various colors and combinations, while enhancing your appearance.

Stone beads

 Stone beads are designed and produced by me. I have a fascination and respect for ancient beads and their makers. Some of the beads have a more contemporary look as shown by the shinier surfaces. The softer sheen of others reflect a more historic look common to old beads. Enjoy the substantial feel of a stone bead neck piece as well as the reflected, comforting warmth of the stones.

Gallery Of My Work